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"Millennial's Sustainability Obsession:
A Game-Changer for Brands!"

Millennials find sustainability important for several reasons.

  • They are more aware of the environmental challenges our planet faces and are deeply concerned about the impact of human activities on the earth.

  • Millennials prioritize social responsibility and want to make a positive difference in the world. They believe that supporting sustainable practices is one way to contribute to a better future.


  • Millennials value authenticity and transparency, seeking brands that align with their values.

To appeal to millennials, RV manufacturers can prioritize sustainability in several ways.

1. Incorporate eco-friendly materials and technologies into their RVs, such as renewable energy systems and energy-efficient appliances.

2. Design RVs with minimal environmental impact, focusing on lightweight construction and sustainable manufacturing processes.


3. Highlight the use of recycled and recyclable materials, as well as promoting waste reduction and responsible disposal practices, can resonate with millennials.

4. Leverage digital marketing and social media platforms to communicate their sustainability efforts effectively, connecting with millennials who actively seek out brands that prioritize sustainability.


By embracing sustainable practices and effectively communicating their efforts, RV manufacturers can attract and engage millennials who are eager to explore the world in a responsible and eco-conscious manner.


Why Build Green?

Terms like "Green," "sustainable," and "eco-friendly" are more important now than ever.  Transparency is an important factor in consumer purchasing decisions and it increases consumer confidence in a manufacturer.  When a manufacturer lays out their practices and products on the table for review it shows their commitment to making smarter construction and component choices.  Listed below are the industry-leading companies that have opened their doors to being evaluated by our company and have become our partners in making smarter RVs, Park Models, Tiny Homes and Emergency Vehicles!

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GreenFLEX exterior

Check out who is building green!

TRA works with a variety of manufacturers of campers, travel trailers, motorhomes, talent trailers, horse trailers, park models (tiny homes) and emergency vehicles. 

Click on a manufacturer below to learn more about their green certification!

Disclaimer: Neither TRA Certification nor its partners offer no warranty or guarantees on the exact measurement of indoor air quality. 

What are we looking at?

After an evaluation of the RV manufacturing facility, its procedures and practices, the RV is measured against criteria based on national consensus standards. The criteria involve Resource Efficiency, Energy Efficiency, Water Efficiency & Indoor Air Quality. To learn more, click one of the categories below.

Resource Efficiency.jpg
Water Efficiency.jpg
Energy Efficiency.jpg
Indoor Air Quality.jpg
New Graph - Apex.jpg

This graph represents an RV's final rating after points are tallied in each category.  The minimum points earned for any category is the final overall rating. For example, if an RV scores at the Gold level in 3 categories but scores at a Bronze level in one category, the final rating is Bronze.

Eco-Verified Components

The products below have been eco-verified by TRA Certification and have an element of sustainability that can contribute to the green certification of an RV.

Roysons ad small

This low VOC decorative wall vinyl improves indoor air quality.


Unplug and go off-grid with Go Power!


Low-VOC, high performance fabric - contributes to healthy indoor air quality!

single logo

Dicor's Polar White TPO ENERGY STAR rated roof keeps the RV cooler by reflecting solar rays.

CheapHeat Logo

This electric furnace by RV Comfort Systems is energy efficient!


These nitro-filled tires improve fuel economy and last longer.


Energy efficient washer/dryer combos save time, energy & money.


Go off-grid or supplement power with Zamp Solar!


Eco-friendly cleaning products for dirty jobs!


Conserve fresh and gray water by up to 40% with this product.

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Check out the RVWA and its latest drab to fab project!




About TRA Certification

TRA Certification is an independent 3rd Party Certification/Inspection company based out of Elkhart, IN. We specialize in systems-built construction and work with many RV and modular/manufactured home producers around the country (and Canada!). We have developed a widely accepted green certification program for the RV industry as this industry has incorporated many green practices into it's production for quite some time.

An outgrowth of its parent company, T.R. Arnold & Associates, TRA Certification is a certification organization that caters to the modular, manufactured home, RV and conventional home construction industries. They specialize in green building and energy efficiency programs as well as ISO 9001 and ISO 14000 certifications for environmental management systems. Founded in 1967, T.R. Arnold & Associates Inc. is involved with every aspect of the industries it serves. With corporate headquarters in Elkhart, Indiana, it serves all of North America, Europe, South Korea and the Pacific Rim.

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