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Green RV Points:

10 points - Energy efficient furnace

3 points - UL Certified

Understanding 50 amp Shore Power System

'Gas versus Electric graph'

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The CheapHeat™ Stand-Alone all Electric Forced Air Heating system is designed primarily for Park Model Trailers, but can be used on coaches where there is not enough room to install our Add-On system to an existing gas furnace. The new system DOES NOT require a gas furnace to be hooked inline with the electric heater. It has its own fan, with cabinet, and works with the current CheapHeat™ Controller and Electric heater. This system is UL certified and RVIA compliant in both the United States and Canada.

The Stand-Alone system consists of a multi position combination ducted/Plenum cabinet that allows the tri-stage heater element to be installed from either side, to allow users to use this new system in multiple locations. One of the best new features is that with the new Stand-Alone electric forced air heating system the manufacture is no longer required to place the furnace next to an outside wall for venting. This gives the coach manufacture more flexibility in their floor plans.

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